For the official Rules of Marathon Tennis

Make a small donation to the Grande Olde Players if you like, and we’ll send the complete rules.

  • We will send you the Official Rules.
  • You will be eligible for tournament play.
  • Will report on the use of these funds.
  • Donations are NOT tax deductible.

— “Marathon Tennis” is more aerobic tennis.

— It’s a sport designed for a healthier game.

— There’s less time putting the ball into play and more time playing.

— Marathon Tennis is the “Thinking Player’s” sport.

— Play Marathon Tennis and you’ll quickly improve your lawn tennis.

— The “Serve” is no longer a dominant part of the game.

— One game of Marathon Tennis is like playing a whole set of lawn tennis.

— If the basketball doesn’t go into the hoop, you don’t stop for a second Serve.

— If the football is fumbled, you don’t stop for a First and Ten.

— If the shortstop drops a fly ball, you don’t stop running for First Base.

You play on !!!!!!