Special Events


  • USO CHRISTMAS, a 3-Act holiday comedy/drama with music set in 1941-2 South Pacific in which Pearl Harbor is attacked and the USO emerges from the decks of the aircraft carriers, the USS Yorktown and the USS Lexington, a tribute to the U.S. Navy in WW II.

  • The The Theatre

    BOOTSTRAPPERS HOLIDAY, a 3-Act romantic comedy/drama with music set in 1953 at Omaha University and Offutt Air Force Base in which General Curtis LeMay and the university President, Milo Bale, hit it off to support the student’s drive for a new Snack Shack. A mix of football, a RAF pilot, bobbysoxers, and a pilot down over North Korea make Rock ‘n Roll, a tribute to the U.S. Air Force in the Cold War.

  • PICKWICK’S HOLIDAY, a 3-Act holiday comedy/drama with music adapted from Charles Dickens’ Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club set in 1837 London in which Trundle Finch covets business, privilege, pestilence, a good duel, and the ugliest horse on hoof, not a holiday respite.

  • PICKWICK’S DILEMMA, a 1-Act comedy set in 1837 London in which Pickwick woos Widow Wardle, is mugged by his coachman Weller, befriends a French fop Mr. Jingle, who duels Dr. Slammer over Wardle, and edits Weller’s love letter that puts Pickwick in prison.

  • YANK AND THE KING, a 1-Act comedy in which a young Connecticut Yankee beams himself back to June 8, 528 AD near noon in King Arthur’s Court about to be toasted or ransomed. Merlin asks the Oracle about it, the kid eclipses the sun, pulls Excaliber from the stone as if the Rightful King of all Britannia, lends it to Arthur to save Camelot with Round- Tabled Knights, and re-beams back to his Hartford computer, just in time for the school bus.

  • ONE-ACT CINDERELLA, a one act comedy for children with slippers, silly sisters and a prince in a pumpkin carriage with flying horses, that can be updated to a space adventure.

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