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Founded in 1984 over a cup of coffee as a community theatre of live perfomances for older adults and those who like to work with older generations.

There is room for you!

Plays Available for Production

USO Christmas
(Navy Musical at Pearl)
Bootstrappers Holiday
(Air Force at Omaha U.)
Pickwick’s Holiday
(Dickens’ Best of Times)
Pickwick’s Dilemma
(Trouble in One- Act)
Yank and the King
(One-Act in 827 A.D.)
One-Act Cinderella
(Comedy in One Shoe)

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Now You Can Peek !

“Peek” with French Solitaire! Mark Manhart has come up with his new card game for mental exercise. French Solitaire is like playing Chess with cards. There are more options than just dealing out cards and playing them. You have to figure out which card to move and what your next moves are going to be. Wrong move, you may lose. Right move, you keep playing. Then at a certain point, you can “peek.” Voila! For French Solitaire video play.…

For the official Rules of French Solitaire Donate to the Grande Olde Players

  • We will send you the Official Rules.
  • Will report on the use of these funds.
  • You will be eligible for tournament play.

Donations are NOT tax deductible.