Our Christmas play “Pickwick’s Holiday”

Below is a letter just in from a young Russian fellow who as a boy was in Omaha for a short holiday time. Mick desperately wanted to be in our Christmas play “Pickwick’s Holiday.” Even though he could hardly speak English, I gave him a small part and he was wonderful. Mick simply lit up the stage. — Mark

Dear Bonnie and Mark!

Very Merry Christmas to you!!! May this holiday season bring you lots of joy and laughter! You are on my mind and in my heart.

spotlightI’m sorry to hear about the GOP theater,I’ll always remember the nurturing and family-like atmosphere that you guys had created there.I’ve brushed the shoulders with the professional theater and let me tell you,it’s brutal! Especially,in Russia.Very often it’s a world of backstabbers and human nature at its worst. Yes,the actors make a living and they don’t have to wait tables and do other soul scourging work,but it still felt dirty to deal with all that.

The [Great Plains]Spring Conference sounds great! I hope to attend it at some point.I love Edward Albee! “The Zoo Story” has a huge place in my professional life.I played Jerry back in LA.I’m playing Peter right now.We’re doing it in English since my partner is also an American.I think it’s the first time in the school’s history when they staged a senior year show in English.It’s going really well.We get a pretty big crowd of our expats and others who are from English speaking countries.I also played George in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?”We staged the last act of the play as one of our main junior year projects.I’m in two other senior year shows,Voltaire’s “Candide” and Strindberg’s “Erick XIV”.We’re looking for another one act with two male characters for myself and my partner mentioned above, to make an evening of one acts.

Mark,congrats on your success with the Chanticleer! It’s a huge theater! I know there are 1000 seat theaters,but I gravitate toward smaller theaters.The theater experience becomes less intimate when the spectators can barely see your face and have to get binoculars.And,Bonnie,you will do just fine over there! I’m confident about that 120%!

I have a hunch that your email,Bonnie,would be the fastest way to reach you.I just figured today I better use Facebook since it’s a holiday and all.

I will definitely be keeping in touch and can’t wait to see you guys again! I’ll talk to you before too long! God bless you! Yours always, Mick